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Italian Garden Design

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First session: July 10-23, 2018

Second session: August 21-September 3, 2018

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Italian Garden Design

Italian Garden Design

Diploma Quasar
Italian Garden Design
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First session: July 10-23, 2018

Second session: August 21-September 3, 2018

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Garden design is an ancient art, but what does it entail today? What does a garden designer really do? The aim of this course is to deepen the studentsunderstanding of design principles and creative approaches in garden design, relative to modern need and lifestyle. More and more, gardens coexist happily with living rooms, kitchens, and the interiors in our own home: they represent us and our life. A garden is like a private corner of nature, a space for pleasure and productivity. The garden designer combines art, creativity and skills in orderto provide a complete design service,which includesplanting plants, installing the so-called hard landscape elements (paths, walls, paving, decking) and specialfeatures such as water, lighting and garden furniture,to create magicaland amazing atmospheres.


First session: from July 10thto July 23rd, 2018

Second session: from August 21stto September 3rd, 2018

Duration: two weeks per session, 80 hours of lessons over 9 days, from 10am to 7pm (with 1-hour break).

Credits (recommended): 8 ECTS


This course is aimed to students and professionals who wish to enrich their garden design experience in the great city Rome. Studio sessions are complemented by visits to artisanal workshops and tours of the city. Rome is a place where tradition, new technologies and craftsmanship coexist.




The course is both theoretical and practical; it includes guided visits to provide an exhaustive knowledge of the subject. The course provides an in-depth understanding of gardens, their values and their design through time, thanks to the analysis of contemporary gardens and the most important historical gardens in Rome. Practice-oriented teaching will stimulate inventiveness and the ability to translate ideas into a design, by developing “creative concepts”. The program also focuses on the technical and technological issues involved in building a garden, and its maintenance. Classes include technical drawing and sketching (free-hand and digital), so that the student can translate ideas and designs into a dissertation or presentation.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of attendance. If the student wishes to convert the class hours attended in Italy into academic credits, he or she will have to arrange a suitable conversion with his or her faculty in the home country, before attending the course in Rome. Quasar can supply the specifications of the module in order to assist in this conversion. As reference, the summer program is equivalent to 4 ECTS per week.




Romantic Italian gardens. This course explores the richness and variety of Rome’s historical gardens. You will be immersed in magic and amazing atmospheres of the most beautiful historical gardens.

Garden as dream. This course explores special contemporary gardens. The course focuses on the principles of composition and language, the conformation of spaces and atmospheres, uses of plants and natural materials, innovations, and interpretation of the landscape context.

Reading place, writing place. This course explores the idea of “place” through the analysis of its hidden values, and how the concept of “genius loci” can be translated in garden design.

Garden as idea. With the aim of educating the imagination and the ability to translate ideas and suggestions into a garden, this lab provides some short exercises of transcription and interpretations of references, ranging from literature, to cinema, to figurative art.

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